PLC programming

Programmable Logic Controller or PLC is an industrial digital computer, and is the brain of every automation operation system or its components. It is impossible to operate with complex processes in industry without it, due to its attribute to greatly enable manufacture that 21st century technology requires. Nowadays, there are great amount of manufacturers of PLC and its additional modules. We at Baut are trained to work with the largest manufacturers, which are:

- Siemens

- Rockwell Automation: Allen-Bradley

- Schneider

When designing a PLC program, we keep basic programming rules like:
- code optimization: we strive to minimalise every part of the code, while retaining the functional properties
- repetition: there is always a part of the system being repeated(for example, handling a dozen pumps of the same properties). Our softer is inessential with the number of repetitions, because by optimizing the code we use only one function to manage all actuators, which significantly reduces the time of software creation.
- comments: our developers are required to write comments in each line of the program, as this significantly facilitates the service and understanding of our software
- code transparency: We are trying to keep the concept of creating a program from the very beginning to the end of the project so that our clients can more easily use the software, and eliminate possible mistakes

... and many other rules!

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